Kane joins Bayern Munich…arrives in Munich, completes first medical, enters club headquarters, signs ‘four-year deal’, only official remains


Harry Kane has completed his medical and is close to joining Bayern Munich. The transfer of the century in European soccer has come to a close. Despite Tottenham’s setbacks, Kane’s determination has been a major factor.

Florian Plettenberg, who covers Munich for Germany’s Sky Sports, reported at 5 a.m. ET on Wednesday that “Kane has completed his first medical” and that “he will wear the number 9 shirt”.

Germany’s Bild also reported that Kane underwent a medical examination at Barmheiziger Hospital in downtown Munich, indicating that a Munich official was on the way. After completing his medical, Kane headed to Bayern Munich’s headquarters on Severner Strasse. Outside the headquarters, more than 200 Bavarian fans greeted him as he awaited the final piece of the puzzle in his quest to return to the top of Europe.

Kane and his wife, Katie Kane, had earlier departed London’s Stansted Airport at 1 a.m. and arrived in Munich at 3 a.m. on Dec. 12. Munich sent a plane to bring Kane to London the next day, the 11th, after Tottenham approved the move on the 10th. At one point, there was tension that the move might fall through, with Tottenham demanding renegotiations and Kane waiting at home in his car on the way to Stansted Airport, but that didn’t change the tide.

Munich are expected to announce the signing of Kane later on Wednesday afternoon.

Kane’s move to Munich, which had been stalled, took a sharp turn for the better when global sports outlet Athletic reported on Tuesday that “Munich has reached an agreement with Tottenham for Kane” and that the deal had entered its final stages, saying “Munich’s offer, worth more than €100 million ($145 million), has been accepted by Tottenham and Kane must now decide whether to join the club.”

“Kane has agreed to join Munich and has been offered a four-year contract,” The Athletic said on Nov. 11. Kane is awaiting clearance from Tottenham to undergo a medical and complete the move,” with the report adding that Kane had agreed to move to Munich and that the transfer was in fact imminent.

Munich have gone to great lengths to bring Kane to the club. After suffering a dramatic drop in form in the absence of a frontline striker following the departure of Robert Lewandowski, the Bavarians have made a concerted effort to bring in Kane and challenge for the UEFA Champions League title again next season.

It took Munich four bids to convince Tottenham.

After a first offer of €70 million was quickly rejected, the Bavarians made a second offer of €80 million with options, but that didn’t satisfy Spurs. They then traveled to London to make a third offer. However, the negotiations did not lead to an immediate agreement and only confirmed the gap between the two clubs.

When Munich made a third offer, which included a transfer fee of more than €100 million, Tottenham rejected it, and the deal seemed to fall apart. However, Munich refused to give up. According to German outlet Bild, “Munich have still not given up on the Kane transfer talks. According to reports, the Munich hierarchy and Tottenham management started new negotiations on Tuesday evening. Their meetings lasted until dawn,” reporting Munich’s relentless efforts.

In the end, Tottenham couldn’t insist on keeping Kane when he refused to sign a new contract. They accepted a fourth offer from Munich. According to reports, Munich’s fourth offer was in excess of £100 million ($167.7 million). According to Bild, the €100 million base fee included a €20 million performance fee.

For Tottenham, it’s a hefty transfer fee to send their star striker to Munich.

The next step for Kane after Munich and Tottenham agreed was a medical. The news of Kane’s agreement was followed by reports that he would be heading straight to Munich.

Fabrizio Romano, an expert on European soccer transfer markets, wrote on social media that “Tottenham have given Kane permission to undergo a medical ahead of the transfer. Munich are growing more confident that they will complete the deal on Friday. Only the last details remain,” he said, adding that Kane had received his medical clearance and there were no further details to discuss.

However, just as many thought the deal had been finalized, Tottenham pulled the plug. “According to our information, Kane has the ‘green light’ to join Munich and was on his way to London airport in England to catch a flight,” Sky Sports Germany explained on November 11.

“However, Tottenham want to re-negotiate with Munich and have canceled Kane’s flight, putting a damper on the transfer. Kane is now waiting in his car for the club to give him permission to get on a plane for a medical,” the report said, adding that Kane’s move remains on hold. The report went on to say that Tottenham had pulled out of negotiations over an additional transfer fee and changes to details.

Fans were frustrated by Spurs’ decision to block Kane’s departure when the clubs had already negotiated a deal, while Munich waited anxiously for the transfer to be approved.

His flight to Munich was canceled.

British media reported that Kane’s flight was canceled because Tottenham wanted to discuss the bonus options further.

However, his canceled flight to Munich ended up taking off again at 11:50 p.m. ET, with Kane flying out of the airport after an hour’s delay due to London traffic.

Bild wrote: “Tottenham had not allowed Kane to fly out for a medical during the transfer talks, but have now apparently allowed him to leave. Britain’s Sky Sports also reported this. Tottenham have emphasized that the facts of their agreement with Munich have not changed,” indicating that Kane traveled to Munich without incident.

In addition to Bild, Football London journalist Alasdair Gold and BBC journalist Simon Stone, both of whom are well versed in Tottenham news, confirmed that Tottenham still allowed Kane to travel to Munich, and that the club completed his medical in one fell swoop upon his arrival.

It’s not the first time Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has shown such a fickle attitude or been so finicky about the transfer of a Spurs star, that Kane’s canceled flight to Munich was thought to be part of the process.

Manchester United legend Alex Ferguson was tongue-in-cheek after negotiating with Levy to sign Dimitar Berbatov in 2008, saying it was “more painful than hip surgery”, while Luka Modric, who left Tottenham for Real Madrid, said: “Levy drove them crazy. Every time they reached an agreement, he kept asking for something else,” he said, acknowledging Levy’s notoriety.

Tuchel took part in a pre-match press conference today ahead of the 2023/24 German Football League (DFL)-Supercup against RB Leipzig at 3:45 p.m. ET at the Ilianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

The Supercup is a one-off match between last season’s Bundesliga champion and the champion of the German Cup competition, the DFB-Pokal.

Last season, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga title for the 11th consecutive season after a nail-biter with Borussia Dortmund. RB Leipzig defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 in the final of the Pokal Cup to claim the top spot in the competition.

During the press conference ahead of the Supercup, Tuchel couldn’t avoid being asked about Kane, who has been a big topic of discussion among fans recently. Tuchel’s response to the question caught the eye as he laughed out loud.

“The journalists probably know more about where Kane is and what he’s doing than I do,” Tuchel said, “We’re working on signing him. It’s not a secret, but I can’t say anything unless there is a decision and an agreement.” “We are working intensively on the signing of Kane,” he added, “but there is no agreement yet, and when there is no agreement, I will not comment because he is not yet the manager’s player.”

When asked about the possibility of not finalizing a deal for Kane before the Super Cup and not playing him against Leipzig, Tuchel was coy, saying he would fight on with the players he has.

“All options are open. Kane is not our player at the moment,” he said, “Our job is to push the players we have. It’s still early in the season and we have time. We have another training session tomorrow.”

It was a positive denial, especially when Tuchel, with a big smile, hinted that the striker he wanted was on the doorstep of the training ground. Tuchel has reportedly wanted Kane since his time at Chelsea in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager, Ange Postecoglou, has been coy in his reaction to Kane’s departure.

Postecoglou took part in a pre-match press conference on Wednesday ahead of Tottenham’s 2023/24 Premier League opener against Brentford at 10 p.m. ET at the Wembley Community Stadium in London, England.

During the pre-match press conference, Postecoglou was unable to avoid questions about Tottenham ace and world-class striker Kane.

“I spoke to Kane on the first day and I was given an indication that he would leave if the two clubs agreed,” Postecoglou said.

“That’s all the information I have at the moment, that I understand the transfer is going ahead. It gives us a little bit of clarity.” “The deal is imminent. There is a little bit of wiggle room, but until we train today and prepare for Brentford, we will be without Kane.”

“Kane is undoubtedly one of Tottenham’s greats and his record speaks for itself,” he added, “I’m new here but it’s always been clear that he’s one of the club’s greats.” He also praised Kane’s achievements at Tottenham.

“We’ve been planning this for a while, and a lot of our work to date has been with that in mind,” he said of Kane’s departure. “There are still players coming and going, and the transfer window is still three weeks away. It’s not because of Kane’s departure, it’s been in the plan from day one.”

“The whole strategy,” Postecoglou added, “is about not having Kane around.” “If we’re trying to fill the void of Kane, we might try to spread it out. James Maddison could take on some of Kane’s role.”

Tottenham have made a number of signings this summer, but have yet to bring in a No. 9 striker who can replace Kane, so it’s likely that Brazilian forward Roberto Firmino will start up front in place of Kane in the upcoming Premier League opener.바카라사이트

Kane’s move to Munich is now official. Kane’s transfer saga, which began earlier this year with Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now Munich, is about to come to a spectacular conclusion.

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