Why is it like this when only Gocheokdome comes? Another bunch of mistakes + errors, 3 consecutive innings up → roughed up


It was almost reminiscent of the game against the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes on the 9th. Only one error was recorded on the stat sheet, but a series of poor defensive plays led to a devastating loss for the Lotte Giants.

Lotte fell to 2-5 in the 13th game of the season against the Keum Heroes of the Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League 2023 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea on Monday, setting up a three-game weekend series.

Since the start of the second half of the season, things have not gone well for Lotte against Kiwoom. Lotte faced Kiwoom in the first game, and were able to get off to a good start, scoring two runs off their ‘ace’ Ahn Woo-jin. However, when their ‘signature hitter’ Lee Jung-hoo unexpectedly withdrew from the lineup due to an injury, they were swept for the second consecutive day by a weakened Kiwoom.

They eventually secured the Winning Series, but the loss to Gocheok Kiwoom on the 9th was very painful. Lotte tried to bounce back by sending their ‘ace’ Park Se-woong to the mound, but they were hampered by mistakes. Lotte scored the first run of the game to set the tone, but Nico Goodrum, who was playing third base, made a throwing error and gave up the tying run. The mistakes continued to pour in.

The most devastating one came in the third inning. Down 1-2 with one out in the bottom of the inning, Lee Ju-hyung hit a grounder that first baseman Go Seung-min scooped up to catch the runner sprinting home, but the ball was headed in a direction where catcher Lee Jung-geun couldn’t catch it. As a result, Lotte lost 8-10 despite scoring five runs in the ninth inning to pull away.

This game was very similar to the last nine games. The defense left a lot to be desired. Lotte took the lead in the first inning when Ahn Kwon-soo and Kim Min-seok hit back-to-back singles to put runners on second and third with Lee Jung-hoon scoring on a grounder to the first baseman. In the second inning, Noh Jin-hyuk singled and Yoo Kang-nam and Lee Hak-joo walked to load the bases, and Ahn Kwon-soo added another run with a sacrifice fly.

The fifth inning was the problem. Na Kyun-ahn, who had returned from injury, took the mound in the fifth after four innings of one-run ball. He gave up a leadoff single to pinch-hitter Kim Jun-wan, but managed to get two outs and induce a grounder to Ronnie Dawson at second base. This is where the fatal “error” came in, though it wasn’t recorded as an error.

As Dawson’s throw was headed toward first and second, Ahn Chi-hong (first baseman) made a leaping catch at second base. However, the second baseman (Park Seung-wook) thought he could handle the hit, and Ahn tripped as he ran back to the first base. Na Gyun-an sprinted to cover the first base, but Dawson’s feet reached the first base faster, turning the grounder into an infield hit. After video review, the call was not overturned.

The mistake came again. With two outs and runners on first and third, Na Gyun-ahn looked to have the inning wrapped up when he induced a fly ball to the back of the third baseman and in front of the left fielder against Song Sung-moon, but left fielder Lee Jung-hoon paused as he raced to make the catch. As the ball floated ambiguously, it appeared that he had collisions with other fielders in mind, which ultimately led to a run.

Song Sung-moon followed with a two-run double in front of the left-field fence, and Lotte, who had taken a 2-1 lead, quickly and futilely surrendered the lead. Lotte lost the lead in the sixth inning when Lee In-bok, who took over the mound, hit a solo home run to send the game to Kiwoom, but the process of conceding a wedge run was also disappointing.메이저사이트

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Choi Jun-yong took the mound, but Park Seung-wook made a throwing error on a routine grounder by leadoff hitter Lee Ju-hyung to load the bases. And then the snowball rolled. Choi Jun-yong then induced Kim Jun-wan to hit a fly ball to left field, where once again Lee Jung-hoon was unable to catch a ball that was headed for the foul line.

Lotte was unable to catch up to Kiwoom in the top of the ninth, falling to 2-5, putting the brakes on their three-game winning streak and halting their momentum. Lotte is particularly prone to errors at Gocheokdome.

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