Transitioning to the Web 3.0 era…”government policies need to be in place” 

It has been argued that a government-level policy is needed for the transition to the Web 3.0 era. In the face of other countries’ Web 3.0 transition policies, Korea should strive for active change.
On the 31st, the ‘Web 3.0 and National Industrial Digital Competitiveness Innovation Policy Seminar’ co-hosted by the Korea Computer Game Society (Chairman Lee Won-hyung) and the Korea Blockchain Society (Chairman Park Yong-beom) and sponsored by Sogang University’s Web 3.0 Convergence Technology Research Center was held at Sogang University’s Kim Dae-gun Hall.

“In Japan, efforts to reverse the Internet era by creating a Web 3.0 policy promotion office are active, but in Korea, there seems to be no government-led policy,” said Lee Won-hyung, president of the Computer Game Society of Korea. “I hope (this seminar) can help us prepare policies for the Web 3.0 era in Korea.”

The seminar began with a keynote lecture on “Web 3.0 Era and Digital Industrial Strategy” by Professor Park Sooyong of Sogang University. “The world is transforming into a digitally driven era, and digital technology is becoming the center of new innovation and growth value creation,” said Professor Park. “Based on this, new cultural and economic structures will be created.”

Following the presentation, Professor Yoo Jung-shin, Sogang University, presented ‘Future of Digital Finance, Policy Responses and Implications’, diagnosing the challenges of domestic fintech policies, analyzing the global digital asset market and explaining the responses and implications of domestic virtual asset policies. Professor Kim Hyung-jung of Hoseo University analyzed the legislation on the domestic virtual asset market and pointed out future challenges under the theme of ‘How to Foster the Web 3.0 Digital Asset Industry’.

Mr. Kim Chan-jun, CEO of Perplay, presented various opinions on the ‘Current Status and Future Strategy of the Web 3.0 Game Industry’. “The future of gaming is likely to explode through the connection of Web 3.0,” he said, adding, “The Web 3.0 game market is still a small market.” He pointed out that because of the small size, large-scale investment is not occurring, and this is hindering the development of the industry. 메이저사이트

A discussion was also held to discuss strategies to leapfrog the country’s digital industry. The panel was chaired by Professor Park Hye-jin from Seoul National University of Science and Technology, and included Attorney Kang Tae-wook from Law Firm Pacific and Professor Lee Seung-hoon from Anyang University. “It is urgent to establish guidelines for user protection in order to develop the game industry into the Web 3.0 era,” said Prof. Lee. “When the guidelines are clearly specified and discussed, various problems in the industry can be solved.”

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