‘Controversial kiss’ right after winning… The head of the Spanish Football Association is swarmed by foreign media


Reporter Euijin Lee = President of the Spanish Football Association, Luis Rubiales, is being hit by major foreign media after winning the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in a surprise kiss.

On the 20th, the Spanish women’s national soccer team defeated England 1-0 in the final of the tournament held at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia, and enjoyed the thrill of winning their first ever championship.

During the awards ceremony right after the game, President Rubiales hugged midfielder Henifer Hermoso, who came up to the podium, then held his face with both hands and kissed him.

Later, in the locker room, a scene in which Hermoso laughed at a related question during a live performance through Instagram and said, “I wasn’t in a good mood” was shared through social media such as X (X, old Twitter), causing a stir.

In another Instagram live video posted by striker Salma Parayuelo, the scene where President Rubiales came to the locker room and joked was also on the cutting board.

Overjoyed, Rubiales said that the association would take the players to the island of Ibiza, a resort in their country.

Then he told Ermoso, who was standing next to him, that the wedding would be held there, and he laughed and clapped. In response, he rejoiced as the players sang “I-Bisa! I-Bisa!” in chorus.

According to AFP, as the controversy grew, Hermoso supported Rubiales through the Spanish Football Association, saying, “It was an expression of intimacy.”

Hermoso said, “Winning the World Cup brought great joy and it was a natural movement,” adding, “There is no problem with the president.”

President Rubiales also explained in an interview with Radio Marca, “Kissing with Hermoso? Everyone says stupid things.”

However, El Pais, a leading Spanish daily newspaper, said, ‘Hermoso did not like Rubiales’ kiss. We set the day of criticism through an editorial titled ‘So are we’.

El Pais pointed out, “The president of the Spanish Football Association could be said to have misunderstood, but suddenly kissing someone on the mouth is an ‘attack'” and “a ‘thief kiss’ doesn’t always come as a surprise and pleasant. On the contrary, it is an infringement.” did.

The New York Times, one of America’s leading daily newspapers, went one step further and linked Chairman Rubiales’ actions to a more structural issue of gender discrimination.

The New York Times pointed out the ‘dark history’ of the Spanish women’s national team, saying, “This reminds me of the unpleasant sexist behavior that has plagued wom

This is a reference to Ignacio Quereda, who has coached the Spanish women’s national team since 1988. Coach Kereda was kicked out in 2015 after players protested that they treated them as ‘young women’ rather than mature ‘adults’.

President Rubiales has been at the center of several controversies surrounding the Spanish women’s national team.

In September of last year, 15 key players in Spain suddenly protested and expressed their intention to ‘boycott’, saying that the coaching method of the current head coach, Jorge Villa, was coercive.

Despite the opposition from the players, it was President Rubiales who showed firm trust in coach Bilda.바카라사이트

Coach Bilda, with the support of the association, eventually excluded 12 players from the national team, but won the championship with his leadership.

Meanwhile, Ruby Ales has emphasized her support of female athletes in her official appearances.

In an interview with Yonhap News during his visit to Korea in March, he said, “I want the women’s team to become the best in the world from 2026 to 2028. We are supporting the staff, including medical staff, at the same level as the men’s team.” “It is the goal of Spanish football to go side by side,” he said.

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