“May the chance come to me…” Kia’s 28-year-old special shortstop is a winner, out at the plate – defense bad luck – hitting pulpit


“I waited for my at-bats to come to me.”

Park Chan-ho, 28, the “Tigers Extraordinaire” shortstop, has certainly gained confidence in his batting and experience and skill. His ability to handle a variety of pitches and pitches without breaking down has improved. For the first time in his career, he will play in all three divisions and in all games, and even win the Golden Glove at shortstop. Through nine days, his 3.45 WAR ranks 14th in the league and first among shortstops, according to Baseball-Reference.com.

Park appeared in the highlights of the doubleheader against LG on September 9. He was a baserunner, a stolen base, had bad luck on defense (he called it a mistake), and was hot on offense. By the end of the doubleheader, he was batting .302. I had a bit of a breakdown at third base, but I recovered.

In any case, you need to be a 3-hole shortstop two or three times to become a top shortstop. Since he doesn’t have the long ball power of the KBO’s current best shortstop, Oh Ji-hwan (LG), Park Chan-ho will have to focus more on his defense. He can combine that with his energy level and technique.

In the first game of the doubleheader, he hit a double in the first inning and was thrown out at second. In the third inning, he used his quick feet to drive an infield single to third base, and in the eighth, he fouled off a cutter and a fastball in a 2B1S against Ko Woo-seok, then took a curveball for a game-winning single.

The most giddy moment for Park came in the bottom of the seventh inning with runners on first and second with a 5-2 lead. Hong Chang-ki singled to right, pinch-runner Moon Sung-joo scored from second, and KIA right fielder Na Sung-beom threw to third. However, Park Hae-min was safe. Then, pinch hitter Hong Chang-ki tried to steal second base on Na’s throw, and was safe on KIA third baseman Park Chan-ho’s throw to second.

For KIA, shortstop Park Chan-ho covered second base. He tried to tag Kim Do-young on a grounder, but Hong Chang-ki made a better move. Park Chan-ho had his back to home plate for a moment when he made the tag, but after the save, he took a momentary break. This allowed the third baseman, Park Hae-min, to slap it home and score. In the end, LG managed to get both runners on first and second base with a single hit. In the aftermath, KIA suffered an upset.

Park Chan-ho said, “I was disappointed with my defense, and it turned the game against me, so I wanted to make up for it somehow.” In fact, it wasn’t that Park Chan-ho was disappointed, but rather that Park Hae-min had a natural sense. In any case, Park Chan-ho made up for his deficiencies in defense and baserunning with a grand slam.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Park Chan-ho faced a similar situation. In the first inning, he led off with a bunt single but failed to steal second base. In the second inning, a throwing error by pitcher Lee Yi-ri put runners on first and second. Although Park didn’t receive the throw, the direction of Lee’s throw was difficult for Park to catch.

Then, in the fourth inning, Park Chan-ho drew a walk to give himself a chance to take the lead. He didn’t hit the game-winning hit, but it was a similar pattern of making up for his deficiencies in the field and at the plate. One hit and one walk in four at-bats. Regardless, Park’s energy level at the plate was enough to give LG fits.

Shortly after the first game of the doubleheader, Park Chan-ho said, “The team was on a winning streak and the losing streak was about to get longer, so I thought I needed to turn things around quickly. Even though I scored the winning run, I think all the players played with a lot of heart and everyone did their part to win the game.”메이저사이트

Park added, “I waited for my chance at the plate and when it came, I focused more on my at-bats. The opposing pitcher had good pitches, so I tried to stay in the zone as much as possible. It was not an easy game, but fortunately, the curveballs came together and I think it paid off.”

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