Universities create ‘deceptive’ athletic teams, Ministry of Culture should control them


“It’s not about player development, it’s about retention and tuition. It’s about managers, coaches making a living, and advisors who want to go pro.”

“Soccer is a business. It is a reality that only children and parents who have been coddled by hopeful advisors are hired to fulfill certain people.”

“Be wary of colleges that have college coaches coming to your high school, colleges that have no players on their first team and no school support.”

“It’s a lie that these colleges combine academics and athletics.”

“Please be strict about approving college soccer teams.”

These are just a few of the comments soccer parents have posted on internet cafes over the past year criticizing the reckless creation of college soccer teams.

The number of college soccer teams has increased significantly in recent years. While some soccer teams are created and run for the right reasons, many are not. The argument is that athletic departments are used as a tool to address poor university finances and lack of recruits.

If you look at the number of recently established soccer teams, the majority of them are from so-called “distressed universities. These are universities that are on the Ministry of Education’s list of “government financial aid restricted universities” (restrictions on national scholarships and student loans). Several universities on this list have recently added athletic departments. Athletic departments are a great way for universities to collect tuition fees from students, as well as recruit new students. If the school becomes a member of the Korea University Sports Federation (KUSF), it can also receive tens of millions of won in annual funding. For universities, athletic departments are a three-in-one deal.

There are more failing universities pushing to create athletic departments. A major university in the Seoul metropolitan area, which carried out massive layoffs of faculty and staff earlier this year, created a baseball team and is also pushing to create a soccer team. Another university in the Seoul metropolitan area is also considering creating an athletic department after it was discovered that it achieved a 100% recruitment rate by enrolling fake students and having them drop out.

However, if the Korea Baseball and Softball Association and the Korea Football Association approve the applications for these ‘insolvent’ athletic teams, students will bear the brunt of the losses. No parent wants to send their child to a sports team created by a failing university. It’s also ridiculous to hear voices unconditionally support the creation of the league, citing leaders’ efforts to save college soccer. High school coaches who send their graduates to colleges they know are failing or unstable are not immune from criticism.온라인카지노

The so-called insolvent universities are announced by the Ministry of Education. There have been cases where universities have filed administrative lawsuits, but most have lost. Sports are managed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The ministry shouldn’t ignore what other government agencies say.

It’s time to put a stop to the reckless creation of athletic teams by universities. The current practice of allowing clubs to apply and then approving them should end. Schools need to be truthful with students. Pulling the wool over the eyes of students and parents is the last thing any educator or institution should do. Sports organizations shouldn’t continue with the “more teams, better coaches” mentality either. At the end of the day, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the athletic organizations are responsible for the numerous incidents and accidents that have occurred due to the improper way in which college athletic programs have been established. If we make young people who have been playing soccer regret it and take off their soccer shoes, we will have a problem.

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