I’ve been missing for over ’50 days’, is this a miracle?…NYY new writing + legendary, side by side, 48.11 billion, there’s a reason why


Aaron Judge, the “$360 million man,” has made New York Yankees franchise history and joined a long list of legends.

Judge started in right field and batted second in the lineup for the 2023 Major League Baseball World Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, N.Y., and went 4-for-4 with three home runs, six RBIs and three runs scored.

With 62 arches last year, Judge broke the American League record for most home runs in a single season and made history as the player with the most home runs in both major leagues who has never used a banned substance. He became a free agent for the first time in his career, signing a 10-year, $360 million “jackpot contract” with the Yankees.

Judge proved once again why he’s worth $360 million. Facing Arizona starter Brandon Potts in the top of the first inning, Judge started the game off on the right foot, taking a three-pitch sweeper to the middle of the strike zone for a double to center field. His only regret was that he couldn’t follow it up with a run-scoring hit. But they didn’t have to rely on their bats.

From his second at-bat onward, Judge took it upon himself to be the “fixer”. With the score tied at 0-0 in the bottom of the third inning and runners on first and second, he faced Potts once again, this time with a 92.9-mph (150-kilometer) sinker that was low on the strike zone. Jersey knew it was a home run as soon as it left the bat, as the pitch stretched out at 112.4 mph (180.9 km/h) before sailing 420 feet (128 meters) over the right-center field fence. His 33rd home run of the season.

With the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth inning and a 4-0 lead, Judge lined a 92.7 mph (149.2 km/h) four-seam fastball to the middle of the strike zone for a two-run homer that traveled 420 feet over the right-center field fence. His 34th home run of the season was measured at 101.3 mph (163 km/h) and traveled 379 feet (115.5 meters).

The finish was “perfect. Already with two home runs and a double, Judge sent a pitch over the fence in his fourth at-bat. In the bottom of the seventh inning, with the score 5-0, he crushed a 94.8 mph (152.6 meters) fastball from Arizona reliever Slade Cecchini. The pitch traveled 108.4 mph (174.5 km/h) before landing in the second deck of the right-field bleachers at Yankee Stadium.

The home run set several records. He had his first three-homer game of the year on Aug. 24 against the Washington Nationals, and he followed that up with another three-homer game against Arizona the following day, marking the “first time” in Yankees franchise history that he has hit more than one three-homer game, according to multiple U.S. media outlets.

In June, Judge tore a ligament in his right toe while making the catch on J.D. Martinez’s home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers. At first, the injury didn’t appear to be serious. But as the days went by, there was no word on his return, and after more than a month on the sidelines, he returned on July 29.

At the end of the 23rd, the Yankees had eight games remaining. Even if he plays the rest of those games, he will have missed 54 games this year, making him only the second player in 86 years to miss 50 or more games and hit 35 home runs, according to ESPN, after Rudy York in 1937.

The record doesn’t stop there. According to MLB.com’s Sarah Lance, Judge hit six multi-homer games in a single game this year, giving him four seasons to do so, tying him with Mark McGwire, David Ortiz, Babe Ruth, and Jimmy Foxx. Judge will make major league history if he has six multi-homer games in the rest of his career.온라인카지노

Despite missing more than a month, Judge is hitting .267 with 35 doubles, 80 homers, 74 RBIs, and a 1.011 OPS in 100 games this season. He’s lost some of his finesse, but his power is still there. Judge is now third in the American League in home runs, closing the gap to Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) to nine. It’s not likely, of course, but it’s possible that a home run “upset” could happen. That’s why the jersey is worth a whopping $360 million.

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