The ’20-somethings’ who shined in the tragedy…Yoon Dong-hee and Park Young-hyun “Next time, I’ll be sure to wash my face.” 

South Korea tasted disaster. They were completely outclassed by Taiwan, a team they were supposed to beat. Still, there is a ‘harvest’. Yoon Dong-hee (20) and Park Young-hyun (20), both 20 years old.

South Korea lost 0-4 against Chinese Taipei in the second game of their baseball Group B match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Xiaoxing Baseball and Baseball Center 1 in Xiaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China on Tuesday.

Lin Yumin threw six scoreless innings, while Gu Linyuyang threw two scoreless innings and Liu Zhizhong threw one scoreless inning. Neither the starters nor the bullpen were able to capitalize.

There are no excuses. The Hangzhou Disaster. I don’t know if there’s a worse loss in history. The bats didn’t have any power, and the mound couldn’t hold up. After the game, Taiwan celebrated.

The bats were deadly. They didn’t score a single run. In the first game against Hong Kong, they were stuck in the seventh inning before exploding in the eighth to win the game cold.

Then, in the Taiwan game, we saw the first through seventh innings of the Hong Kong game, and it was a ‘negative version’ of that. They didn’t even score a single run, so that’s it. The team wanted the ‘eighth inning version’, but it turned out to be the complete opposite.

If there’s one bright spot, it’s Yoon Dong-hee. She was a late addition to the team. We left out Lee Yi-ri, who had a finger issue, and put Yoon Dong-hee in. There was a relative lack of right-handed outfielders, which led to Yoon’s selection.

She had two hits, two RBIs, and two runs scored in the first game against Hong Kong. She helped the team win the game cold. On the second day, she had three hits against Taiwan. Together with Choi Ji-hoon, Yoon had the most hits in the tournament’s two games.

After the end of the game, the Korean players practically walked through the mix zone. In the face of a crushing defeat. Interviews are bound to be tough. Yoon Dong-hee headed to the dugout with her head down.

Afterward, she contacted a reporter she knew. “It was my first international tournament, so I didn’t know much about it,” she said. “I didn’t know much about it,” she said. “I was very nervous because it was my first international tournament. So I tried to focus more. I got a hit today, but it’s too bad the team lost.”

“As for the Taiwanese starting pitcher, I thought it was the type of pitcher we see in Korea. I felt like I was facing a Korean pitcher. The last pitcher had a very fast ball, so it wasn’t easy to hit it.”

“It’s too bad we lost today. We’ll do better next time we meet them. All of our players wanted to win so badly. Please support us so that we can be stronger,” he emphasized.

If Yoon Dong-hee was the star of the show at the plate, Park Young-hyun was the star on the mound. The team’s fourth pitcher came in with two outs in the sixth inning. The result: 1.1 innings, three strikeouts and no runs. It was perfect.

He showed off his hard fastball to great effect. The bats of the Chinese Taipei batters went wild. It’s no exaggeration to say that this was the most intense pitcher in the entire game.

He also pitched against Hong Kong the day before. He came on in the top of the eighth and pitched one inning of one-hit ball, striking out two. For the second straight game, he threw 2.1 scoreless innings with five strikeouts. KT’s Pil Seung-jo has become the patron saint of the national team.캡틴토토

Park Young-hyun also skipped the post-match Mixzone interview. He shared his thoughts through his team KT. “I played two games, and I wanted to help the team win somehow. I pitched in a crisis situation, but I just thought I had to stop it,” he said.

“Against Hong Kong, I think I needed a little time to adjust to the mound and the field. Today against Chinese Taipei, I adjusted perfectly. My pitches were good and my control was good. I will always think of the Taekwondo Mark and pitch for the team to win in any situation,” he said.

Despite the loss to Chinese Taipei, Korea is not out of the running yet. If they beat Thailand, they will go 2-1 and advance to the Super Round. In the Super Round, they will most likely face Japan and China. We have to win those two games. Then we have to look at the situation.

In the remaining matches, the players need to wake up as a whole. And Yoon Dong-hee and Park Young-hyun, who started well, need to continue their pace. Otherwise, Korea will lose its fourth consecutive Asian Games. It’s a big blow, but at least we’ve saved two lives.

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