“It’s too overblown” Kim Ha-sung and coach’s feud…342 billion won ultra-luxury corps ‘stranded’ blame theory


“It’s been blown out of proportion.”

The Athletic reported that the feud between San Diego Padres president A.J. Preller and manager Bob Melvin reached a fever pitch at the end of the season. It added that insiders say they will no longer be together next year. Preller’s aggressive style, as evidenced by his “Mad Men” nickname, can be a burden on the field.

It can sink below the surface, but San Diego went 82-80 this year and missed the postseason. The team’s payroll is $253.28 million ($34.22 billion) per Feynman SportsTrack. That’s third in the majors and well over $233 million before the luxury tax this year. With the parade of non-free agent multi-year deals, the payroll has naturally ballooned.

The team has set an ambitious goal of winning the World Series, not just in the postseason, but over the Los Angeles Dodgers, and has been frustrated for years. Even with Preller at the helm, it’s hard to spend money every year when you’re not winning. At some point, it’s inevitable that you’ll have trouble collecting and developing prospects.

Let’s face it. It was recently reported that San Diego will lower its payroll to $200 million for the 2024 season. Preller spoke to the San Diego media on Friday and didn’t explicitly address the issue, but he didn’t deny it either, so it’s likely that’s what will happen.

The team also confirmed that the Bob Melvin and Preller regime will continue through the 2024 season. Preller himself addressed the rumors of a rift with Melvin, telling The Athletic, “Bob is our manager, and he will be our manager. He and I are very excited about the challenge of getting this team back to the postseason.”

“A lot of it has been blown out of proportion, from my perspective,” Preller said of his feud with Melvin, “We’re not talking four or five times a day. We’re communicating a lot more. He didn’t say it outright, but he did draw a clear line in the sand.

The Athletic pointed out that Preller’s management style has faced a lot of criticism in the industry anyway. San Diego CEO Eric Gruppner addressed the issue of the roster last month and characterized the team as facing a tidal wave of change this offseason. The Athletic reported that the team plans to reduce the roster payroll and the budgets of each of the club’s departments as it looks to make a run at the postseason.

Naturally, the team will part ways with free agents Blake Snell and Josh Hader, and trade Juan Soto, who has one year of free agency remaining. Getting rid of these players would significantly reduce the payroll. Soto is a waste, but if you don’t want to give him a $400 million extension, it makes sense to get rid of him before he hits free agency.온라인카지노

According to The Athletic, Preller took the criticism in stride and showed signs of reflection and regret. “I think we lost the opportunity (to win the World Series) and I think we missed it,” he said, adding, “It’s not every year as a manager that you get a couple breaks in the season and you feel like you’re going to raise the World Series banner, but I agree with what you’re saying about the record, the belief.”

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