“Good game next time” Moon Dong-joo vs Zeng Zhong-zhi “8 years friend” Kang Baek-ho vs Liu Zhi-ling…10 years of competition ahead


“I had three hits, but they were all against Chong Jong-jeo, so I hope to have a good game next time we meet.”

In the baseball gold medal game on Sunday, South Korean starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) proved why he is one of the top prospects in the KBO.

In his senior national team debut, he took the loss in a group game against Chinese Taipei two days earlier, allowing two runs in four innings. Despite the unfamiliar conditions of four days’ rest, Moon dominated on the mound. In six innings, he allowed just three hits and struck out seven. South Korea went on to win the gold medal with a 2-0 victory over Chinese Taipei.

During the postgame press conference, a Taiwanese media member asked Moon, “Who was the most impressive of the Taiwanese players?” Without hesitation, Moon pointed to Chung Chong-zer (Pittsburgh AA), who had three hits against him.

Moon found himself in trouble right from the start of the game. He gave up a double over the center field fence to the Taiwanese leadoff hitter. However, no runs were scored. Moon struck out to get out of the jam and roared.

Moon continued to hit back-to-back singles. In the sixth inning, he gave up a home run. It hit the top of the fence and fell into the ground, making it a double instead of a home run. Moon got out of the final jam and pumped his fist again.

He won the game, but not against Zheng Zhongjie. “I had three hits, and they were all against him,” Moon said. If I get a chance next time, I’d like to have a good fight,” he said, hoping for a rematch. Tseng Chong-hsieh is already a member of the Taiwanese national team that will compete in the 2023 WBC. He could be a frequent opponent in the future.캡틴토토

Taiwanese pitcher Liu Hsieh-Lung (Boston AA) wandered into the mixer zone where Korean players were being interviewed after the game. There was someone waiting for him.

He wanted to say hello to Kang Baek-ho (KT), whom he had met at the 2017 World Youth Baseball Championship. When he saw Liu, he said, “I’ve known (Liu) since I was a sophomore in high school and played on the national team. We’ve been friends for eight years. He’s a good friend I’ve always kept in touch with, and I met him in a good place.”

Liu Zheng mowed down the Korean hitters again, following his save in the second day’s group stage game. He pitched the sixth inning after Lin Yumin (two runs in five innings) to close out the game. In four innings, he allowed just one hit and struck out six.

The matchup between the two “best friends” and national team rivals will make the upcoming game against Taiwan even more interesting.

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