“Replacing Berrios, not a front office directive,” Toronto manager clarifies…after shocking revelation, this is how you don’t win a WS in 30 years


“Exactly when to take Berrios out is not a dictate from the front office.”

The debate left Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins on the hot seat in front of local media in Toronto on Aug. 8. It was an end-of-season press conference, but the focus was on the team’s decision to replace starter Jose Berrios in Game 2 of the American League Wild Card Series against the Minnesota Twins on April 5.

Berrios had held the Minnesota bats scoreless through three innings. But in the fourth inning, he walked leadoff hitter Luis Royce and was abruptly replaced by left-hander Yusei Kikuchi. Left-hander Max Kepler pinch-hit. In the postseason, pitching changes can be quick.

However, the overwhelming majority of people don’t understand the sudden change from the second starter, who was pitching well until the third inning, to the third starter, who gave up a single to start the fourth inning, after only 47 pitches. It’s not like he was getting hit by a pitch or anything, as he had three hits in the third inning and no walks. Rather, Kikuchi gave up a hit and a walk right out of the gate, and that’s what led to Toronto’s loss and eventual season-ending loss.

As The Athletic reported on July 7, “Toronto executives told manager John Schneider that heaven forbid he should act on his own.” The point being made was that the front office was getting deeply involved in the on-field decisions. Few organizations in professional sports, regardless of the sport, do well when the front office invades the field.

Atkins disputed the notion of front office meddling in a press conference on Aug. 8. “It was clear that we had a strategy to potentially play Kikuchi if he warmed up,” he told The Athletic, “but there was no specific plan to play him. Schneider made that decision. I was surprised when Berrios came on.”

Atkins even admitted that “it wasn’t a directive from the front office as to exactly when to pull Berrios, but I understood the strategy and I understood that it was going to be uncomfortable. It was a very courageous decision with a potentially disappointing outcome for people.”

Atkins also clarified that Schneider regularly meets with a group of experts to prepare for games. “That group is the on-field staff. It’s not the front office. I don’t sit in on those meetings. I certainly don’t make those decisions,” he said.

Schneider is in the first season of a three-year contract. Atkins said there is no pressure on him. “I’m 100 percent sure the front office isn’t pressuring him,” he said. In other words, The Athletic’s report and the rumors were false. However, the local media is not so quick to believe Atkins’ statement.온라인카지노

According to The Athletic, Mark Shapiro will be speaking to the media soon. He’s likely to offer a similar explanation to Atkins. “With a quick hook and a familiar grunt, Toronto’s season ends with a whimper,” The Athletic said. The nuance is that it’s not surprising. It’s a reminder of why Toronto hasn’t won a World Series in 30 years, since 1993.

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