‘Extreme experience’ KT commutes to work in just 2 hours. vs LG, training camp and night training


 It feels like finishing training for prospects, not a team preparing for the Korean Series.

The LG Twins’ training schedule for the Korean Series feels tight. There is a difference with the KT Wiz currently preparing for the playoffs.

KT has been training for the playoffs at Suwon Stadium since the 15th. The schedule is ongoing with three days of training and one day of rest. Training starts at 2pm and group training usually ends around 4pm. Now, we train lightly, and when the playoffs approach, we play two blue-and-white games to improve our sense of real-life skills and stay in training camp three days before the playoffs to prepare for the first game.

With more than two weeks left until the Korean Series, LG began camp training at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 19th. However, there is a lot of training from the first day. Training started at 1:30 p.m., but it ended around 5 p.m. But it wasn’t the end. After dinner, evening training was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. It rained in Icheon that day, so we trained indoors, but all training was conducted in a large indoor practice range. Several pitchers, including Ham Deok-ju and Lee Ji-gang, performed bullpen pitching in the outdoor bullpen even while it was raining.

LG prepares for the Korean Series with a schedule of two days of training and one day of rest. I gave myself plenty of rest, but increased the amount of training on training days. I trained sufficiently and rested sufficiently.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “We will go back to the basics in training.” He said, “Details are important in a big game, because those details ultimately come from the basics.”

Of course, we are also preparing several practice games against Cheongbaekjeon and Sangmu to get a sense of real-life skills for Game 1 of the Korean Series. In particular, in order to get used to fast balls, batters practice seeing 150km of pitching machine balls every day.

We plan to do plenty of night training as well. According to the Korean Series schedule, only Game 4, November 11th, will be held on Saturday at 2 PM, and all remaining games will be held at 6:30 PM. Coach Yeom said, “We plan to do a lot of batting training at night to match the night games so that our eyes get used to it.”

The starting pitchers will also increase their pitch count according to the date, and the bullpen pitchers will maintain their pitching skills by taking two days off and pitching one day. Coach Yeom said, “Bullpen pitchers lose their feel if they don’t throw too much, and it’s a problem if they throw too often. Taking two days off and then throwing one day is best to maintain their feel.”메이저사이트

LG captain Oh Ji-hwan said, “This was already discussed before the end of the regular season. With two days of training and one day off, we also had to train at night. We can accept it for the sake of winning.”

This is the first step toward LG’s overall championship, having won the regular league title for the first time in 29 years. Not even the slightest bit let down.

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