Ji Dong-won’s winning goal, ‘the heart that never gives up on what’s important’… “You deserve to score a goal”


Ji Dong-won of FC Seoul scores the winning goal against Gangwon,
only 2 years and 2 months after scoring the winning goal against Gwangju in 2021,
Kim Jin-gyu has been playing consistently since taking office as acting manager.

“You deserved the goal.”

Professional soccer K-League 1 FC Seoul striker Ji Dong-won (32) said he heard this from the same team’s striker Ilyuchenko (33, Germany) after scoring the winning goal in a home game against Gangwon FC on the 22nd. Ji Dong-won, who said after the game that he was “so thankful” for Ilyuchenko’s words, “I was able to score because I didn’t give up,” said after the game, “I felt like those words represented my feelings.”

Ji Dong-won, who debuted in the K-League in 2010 and played professional soccer in England (Sunderland) and Germany (Augsburg, Mainz, etc.) the following year, returned to the K-League in July 2021. Fans had high expectations for Ji Dong-won, who led the national team to advance to the semifinals of the 2012 London Olympics and also played well for the national team, but Ji Dong-won only scored one goal in his first year wearing the Seoul uniform. His only goal was against Gwangju FC in August 2021.

After suffering from frequent injuries, Ji Dong-won rarely got a chance to play. Ji Dong-won, who only appeared three times last season, appeared again in the home game against Daegu FC last August. And he scored with a header goal in his 7th appearance this season. After scoring for the first time in two years and two months, Ji Dong-won put his hands together and held a ceremony to express his regret in front of 11,648 spectators who visited the stadium.

Ji Dong-won, who suffered from a goal drought, looked back and said, “It wasn’t an easy time.” He said he shared his concerns with the players, saying, “I feel like I’ve lost the ability to score goals. What should I do?”

Kim Jin-gyu praised Ji Dong-won, “My juniors should learn from it.”
Ji Dong-won said, “I feel strong because so many fans support me.”

Ji Dong-won was able to endure this period thanks to the trust of his colleagues. “Don’t get hurt. If you don’t get hurt, you can compete well. The advice from those around him, “Take care of your body,” helped Ji Dong-won stand up. He also expressed his gratitude to acting director Kim Jin-gyu for believing in him. After Kim took office as acting coach, Ji Dong-won had the opportunity to play in all matches except for the Suwon FC match in the 32nd round.짱구카지노

Acting coach Kim explained the reason for substituting Ji Dong-won, saying, “I tried not to put him in against Gangwon because of his injury, but he had a strong will to do so.” Regarding Ji Dong-won, who scored the winning goal 6 minutes after coming on as a substitute, Acting Manager Kim did not hold back in his praise, saying, “Younger players should also learn from his willingness to do it until the end.”

Ji Dong-won, who regained his confidence, said, “This is a really important goal in my life,” and “I hope this goal is not the last.” He said, “Even though the team is in a bad situation, many fans support us and it gives us strength. “I want to play soccer faithfully and have fun in the future,” he said, revealing his strong will for his career as a player.

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