‘Tension up~’ Heroes 28 years old new foreigner intense AVG 0.448…This is all I need.


It’s a silly assumption. Still, I can’t help but think of Kiwoom after this.

Kiwoom is demoralized. The team has been struggling with injuries to their mainstays, and Lee Jung-hoo’s injury has left them feeling psychologically deprived. The front office has decided to trade Choi Won-tae (LG), and there is a sense of chaos in the air. The team seems to be doing their best on the field, but they are struggling in many ways.

In this situation, Ronnie Dawson (28), a new foreign hitter, is flustered. On the 30th, he started in the No. 3 spot for Gocheok Samsung Electronics and went 5-for-3 with a home run, one RBI, and two runs scored. In eight games, he is 29-for-13 with a .448 batting average, two home runs, eight RBIs and nine runs scored. His seven walks and only four strikeouts are also encouraging.

It’s both fortunate and hilarious. I can’t help but think about this. It’s a far-fetched hypothetical, but if the batting order was Hye-Sung Kim, Jung-Hoo Lee, and Dawson, the team could have completely forgotten about the loss of Edison Russell to injury and looked to the future.

However, without Lee Jeong-hoo, the team is forced to rely heavily on Kim Hye-sung and Dawson. With Kim faltering early in the second half of the season, Dawson’s blistering batting hasn’t translated into synergy in the team’s batting order. Dawson is good, but Kiwoom can’t like it.

Manager Hong Won-ki said that Dawson has been experiencing tight games in extra innings since entering the KBO, and expressed his concern that he is showing signs of fatigue. “Yesterday, the tension suddenly dropped. If you listen to the story, they say that they dance to other teams’ cheers and give the team good energy, but it dropped from yesterday.”

However, Dawson raised the tension again with a big hit. The problem is that it doesn’t translate into good team chemistry. We still need to see more of Dawson, but his own competitiveness is encouraging. Hong Won-ki especially noted that he’s striking out less.

“I knew he was a patient hitter when I saw him endure Kim Won-joong’s forked ball against Lotte and not strike out,” Hong said. “After all, 메이저놀이터 the general rule is that the success of a foreign hitter in the KBO is a battle of enduring the pitch. If they can’t endure it, they often don’t play to their strengths and pack up.

In that regard, Dawson is off to a good start. Although Keum’s situation is not good. Dawson’s performance should raise the tension for Kiwoom.

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