Baker, who will become the first black coach, ends his 26-year leadership career 

 Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker (74) puts down the baton after 26 years at the helm. His retirement was expected after the season ended with a loss in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series against the Texas Rangers.

Coach Baker officially bid farewell to reporters at Minute Maid Park on the 27th (Korean time) in the presence of team owner Jim Crane and GM Dana Brown, reminiscing about his relationship with legend Hank Aaron.

Baker is certain to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, through the senior committee in the next three years. Last year, he wore the World Series championship ring, which was his long-cherished dream, so the obstacles to his path to the prestigious title were eliminated.

Baker, who was fired even after winning the district championship with the Washington Nationals in 2017, spent two years working as a wildman managing a winery, and returned to the Houston Astros at the age of 70 solely because of the championship ring. Finally, he achieved his dream last year.

Houston and Coach Baker were a perfect match. “I would like to thank owner Gene Crane and his family for giving me this opportunity over the past four years,” said Coach Baker. “It has been a tremendous honor to be the leader of Houston. We would like to thank our fans for their unwavering passion. “Nothing can compare to the love I received in Houston,” he said, thanking the team and fans.

He also said, “Thank you to all the players and coaches in Houston. Thanks to the sacrifices you make every day, we were able to advance to the World Series several times. Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends and family. Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown me over the years. “This is not goodbye, just see you later.”

From the Crane owner’s point of view, the team’s first WS championship since the club’s founding in 2017 was downplayed for sign stealing, and when the team atmosphere completely collapsed due to the one-year suspension of the coach and general manager, the hiring of Coach Baker to find a breakthrough was a godsend. .

The club owner said: “When we brought in Dusty four years ago, we felt he was the right person to lead this club through a turbulent time and we were right. Dusty’s success on the pitch is evident and the impact he has had on the players, organization and community is immeasurable. Dusty is a Hall of Famer as a coach, but more importantly, he is a Hall of Famer as a person. “It is an honor to have Dusty as our director,” he said, sparing no effort in praise.

In the world of sports, how many leaders can retire with the team owner attending and holding a press conference? That alone gives us a glimpse of Director Baker’s accomplishments. He was also very good as a major league player. He left a career batting average of .278-242 with home runs and -1013 RBI.

Director Dusty Baker is even better. He was known as the ‘Player’s Manager’ who was able to communicate with players even when he was over 70. He is the only African-American coach to reach 2,000 wins. LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has a long way to go to succeed Baker. Looking at the past two years, it is difficult to even survive as a coach.스포츠토토

He is the only MLB manager to lead all five teams to district championships. SF Giants, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals, Houston Astros. Last year, he advanced to the World Series as the oldest manager in MLB history at 73 years old. It was his ninth career win in both leagues. With a total of 2,183 wins, he ranks 7th among all-time coaches in terms of most wins.

Another thing that is certain is that he will become the first black manager in the history of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

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