“SON is a Tottenham legend” Son Heung-min 805-Klinsmann 617-Lee Young-pyo 709, Tottenham legacy numbers revealed!


Tottenham Hootspur introduced a legacy number. Son Heung-min is number 805.

Tottenham said on the club’s website on the 26th (Korean time), “Tottenham has launched a new project to commemorate the contributions of all players who have played in first-team matches. The Legacy Number Project was launched on October 13, 1984 by West Herts and the FA. “Since the cup match, every player who has played in Tottenham matches has been given a unique jersey number,” the official statement said.

He continued, “Through extensive research by club historians, 879 legacy numbers have been assigned. The most recent number, 879, is the jersey number of Alejo Velez, who was substituted at the end of the second half against Liverpool. Since the game against Crystal Palace, Tottenham players have had the legacy number on the back of their jerseys. “We wear uniforms with numbers on them,” he added.

Tottenham applied specific criteria to assign legacy numbers. Players who made their official debut in the same game are listed in alphabetical order, and players who appeared as substitutes in the same game are listed in order of time on the pitch. Son Heung-min was number 805, and Lee Young-pyo was number 709. Jürgen Klinsmann, coach of the Korean national soccer team and considered a Tottenham legend, received number 617.

Tottenham talked about several players along with revealing their legacy numbers. There was also an evaluation of Son Heung-min. Tottenham said, “Son Heung-min’s status as a star in world soccer continues to rise. He has now become a Tottenham legend. He is currently writing more chapters in Tottenham’s history as Tottenham’s captain.”

Regarding Harry Kane, “Kane, who is Tottenham’s all-time top scorer, has grown into the best player in the world while playing at Tottenham. Kane had a great journey with us after coming through our youth ranks and scored 280 goals last season, breaking Jimmy Greaves’ record for the club’s all-time highest scorer. “We broke the record,” he introduced.

Son Heung-min left Leverkusen in the 2015-16 season and entered the Premier League (PL) wearing Tottenham’s uniform. He was not satisfied at the beginning of his transfer. He had poor touch and movement, and seemed to be less active. Son Heung-min considered returning to the Bundesliga, but chose to stay. Son Heung-min made up for his shortcomings and became the best winger in the PL.

Son Heung-min showed good chemistry with Harry Kane and established himself as Tottenham’s main scorer. He scored goals himself and created opportunities for his teammates. Son Heung-min has succeeded in scoring double digits every season since the 2016-17 season, and recorded 10-10 for two consecutive years in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons.

Son Heung-min was the top scorer in the PL in the 2021-22 season. Tottenham performed poorly, but Son Heung-min boasted powerful scoring ability. Son Heung-min scored 23 goals and became the EPL’s joint top scorer with Mohamed Salah. He set a record as the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the top five leagues. Son Heung-min has risen to world class status. At that time, Son Heung-min scored 23 goals without scoring a penalty kick. For his performance that season, Son Heung-min was nominated for the 2022 Ballon d’Or and was ranked 11th.

Last season was a little disappointing. He experienced ups and downs at the beginning of the season and there were games where he started on the bench. In addition, he suffered a serious injury, an orbital fracture, in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and had to play wearing a mask. As the 2022 Qatar World Cup overlaps, physical fatigue has built up. It was even known that he played while suffering from a sports hernia.

Son Heung-min confessed his memories of the difficult time he had with his hernia. Son Heung-min said, “Last season, every game was painful. The last game was especially painful. I really wanted to give up in the final league game against Leeds United. I was literally in pain every moment.” Nevertheless, Son Heung-min showed his potential by scoring 10 goals and 6 assists in the league.

Ahead of this season, Son Heung-min was appointed as Tottenham’s new captain. Tottenham said on the club website, “Son Heung-min has been appointed captain of our team. Son Heung-min inherited the captain’s armband from Lloris. Maddison and Christian Romero became the new vice-captains. Son Heung-min, who is also the captain of the Korean national soccer team, is now Tottenham. “We are approaching our 9th season since joining the team,” he officially announced.온라인카지노

Son Heung-min is showing off his crazy scoring ability this season. At the beginning of the season, he played as a left winger, but as Richarlison was underperforming, he stepped up to the top spot. Son Heung-min scored many goals from the front line. Son Heung-min scored 6 goals in 4 games in September alone and was selected as PL Player of the Month for September. He also scored a goal against Fulham and is tied for second place in league scoring with 7 goals.

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