‘I liked holding the Taegeukgi…’ 15 wins → injury → poor PO → 11 wins → injury → refusal to pitch → KS failure. A bitter farewell for a pitcher with 26 wins in 2 years 


26 wins, 8 losses, ERA 2.40 over 2 years. The pitcher who achieved this incredible performance parted ways with the team ahead of the Korean Series. This is Adam Plutko, a foreign pitcher for the LG Twins.

LG announced on the 27th, “Plutko left for the United States at 4 p.m. on this day. He has been focusing on rehabilitation at LG Champions Park in Icheon, but after consultation with the club, it was determined that it would be difficult for him to pitch in the Korean Series, so he left the country today.”

LG did not boldly renew the contract with Andrew Suarez, who was ranked highest in winning percentage with 10 wins and 2 losses in the 2021 season with a winning percentage of 8.333. The reason was that durability was low. Instead, they hired Adam Plutko. The description at the time was ‘the second Kelly.’ He is a pitcher who, like Kelly, is durable and knows how to throw various pitches freely.

In fact, Plutko led LG’s starting lineup in the 2022 season, forming a one-two punch with Kelly. He had 15 wins, 5 losses, and a 2.39 earned run average in 28 games. Following Kelly, who was crowned most wins with 16 wins, he was tied for second place in wins and third place in ERA.

Of course, he renewed his contract, and played the role of ace in place of Kelly, who had been sluggish in the first half of this season. He had 11 wins, 1 loss, and an earned run average of 2.21. In the first half of the year, the number of wins was second after NC Dinos Eric Peddy (12 wins), and the average ERA was third.

But the problem was the response following the injury.

At the end of last year, Plutko suffered sudden back pain. On September 25th, he took the mound as a starter against Incheon SSG Landers, but due to back pain, he faced only one batter (automatic 4 intentional pitches) and then prepared for the playoffs. The club suggested that he pitch in a practice game prior to appearing in the playoffs, but Plutko insisted on only live pitching, and ended up starting the second game of the playoffs without actually pitching, but suffered an irreversible loss of 8 hits and 6 runs (4 earned) in 1⅔ innings. produced results. LG, which was heavily dependent on Kelly and Plutco due to its poor domestic starting lineup, desperately needed a win in the first and second games, but Plutco collapsed in the second game and lost, ultimately leading to losses in the third and fourth games.

A bruised pelvic bone became a problem in the second half of this season. After his injury, he showed improvement during treatment, and domestic hospitals were positive about his ability to throw the ball. Plutko did bullpen pitching once on September 23, and LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop scheduled him to pitch for the first team, but Plutko trusted the American medical team more after that and eventually rejected the club’s recommendation to pitch.

The club, coaching staff, and players all had no choice but to feel disappointed. He was very disappointed because he didn’t even try it properly. Plutko ended up becoming a mercenary whose ‘body was his property’.

Plutco expressed his gratitude and support to the club, colleagues, and fans through the club’s official SNS (social network service).

Plutko said, “I am so grateful to LG Twins fans for being a haven for my family over the past two years. I cannot express my gratitude in words,” adding, “My son went to school here, and my wife also really loved Korea.” “Thank you so much for creating a special time for all of us.”

He then said to his LG colleagues, “You know how I feel about you guys,” and added, “We’ve worked really hard over the past two years. I’ve been working hard to help the LG Twins win, both when I’m on the mound and throwing the ball and when I’m not.” “He said.

Plutco said, “Kim Hyun-soo has set a good example. I firmly believe that the LG Twins are building a dynasty. Although it is a very small part of the process, I think it is a blessing to be able to be together. I am truly grateful.” Plutko also cheered for the Korean Series victory, which he could not play in. Plutko said, “The LG Twins will win the Korean Series and the players also have a one-team mentality. I will support the LG Twins for the rest of my life, and words cannot explain what the LG Twins have meant to me. The LG Twins will continue to “So we will move forward and win. LG Twins, fighting. Thank you,” he said in his final words.메이저사이트

When I first signed a contract with LG. Plutko was happy about his trip to Korea by taking a photo with his family holding the Taegeukgi and posting it on his social media. However, unfortunately, there is currently no talk about LG winning the regular season on his social media. It was reported that Plutko and his family were shocked after receiving criticism DMs from fans regarding his recent injury and subsequent refusal to pitch. The team I had been playing for for two years won the championship, so I couldn’t have felt better.

Plutko posted an incredibly good record of 26 wins, 8 losses, and an ERA of 2.40 over two years. Based on his performance alone, there is no reason for him not to renew his contract. However, due to his injury and the resulting difference in position, his relationship with Korea stopped here.

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