Changed desperation, unchanged results 

It is not easy to get tickets for the KTX bound for Gangneung on Saturday. If possible, you should cut it off in advance. This time I made a reservation about 3 weeks in advance. The Gangneung-bound KTX certainly seems to have a younger passenger age group than other routes. Gangneung is also a popular tourist destination for young people, so the expressions on the train are bright and lively.

Because the train was delayed, I ran into Gangneung Sports Complex, where I arrived later than expected, and met coach Yoon Jeong-hwan. As happens often in Gangneung, I happened to be selected as the ‘alone reporter’ for this day’s game. It doesn’t matter if the team atmosphere is good, but if not, it may be burdensome to ask the manager alone and ask various questions in depth. However, Director Yoon Jeong-hwan calmly continued his answer and explained the current difficulties and hopeful points.

Before meeting Jeju United on this day, Gangwon started the final round by losing in an away game to FC Seoul last week. The result was a result, but fans felt greatly disappointed by the lethargy of the players. There was also an assessment that Gangwon, which was fighting a difficult relegation zone, seemed less desperate than Seoul, which confirmed its retention early on.

Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan pulled out a surprise selection card for Lee Jeong-hyeop. Since the intensity of pressure from foreign players was low, the plan was to find forward pressure and various attack routes through Lee Jeong-hyeop, who is active in the front line and has excellent linking ability. Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan’s strategy worked for the first 45 minutes. Lee Jeong-hyeop did not give up aerial balls to the Jeju defense, and showed threatening linkages on several occasions. He played a central role in the attack, sometimes dropping down to the second line and connecting with Yoo In-su and Kim Dae-won on both sides. Since he had just returned from injury and was not fit for 90 minutes, coach Yoon Jeong-hwan promised 45 minutes, and Lee Jeong-hyeop performed at a high level and harassed the Jeju defense in the first half.

Gabriel was brought in at the start of the second half. He showed off his presence with his unique heaviness and softness at the same time. And it came to fruition in just 5 minutes. Wellington, who came in as a substitute in the first half, broke through the right side and the ensuing cross was answered by Gabriel with his right foot, hitting the net. The excited Gangwon fans energized themselves with Gangwon-do Arirang, and the players gained momentum and launched a fierce attack. The lively attack, like a KTX bound for Gangneung, continued for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it did not result in an additional goal, but Gangwon’s attack was 180 degrees different from the last game. It was more active and faster.

The players’ desperation also seemed great. Players on the side, including Hwang Moon-ki, Yoon Seok-young, and Kim Dae-won, did their best to keep the ball alive until the end by sliding even when it seemed like the ball might be out. During Jeju’s offensive, most of the players threw their bodies and blocked the attack with hand-to-hand defense. Compared to the last game, which was lethargic, the players’ will to do something seemed completely different.

However, Gangwon was unable to maintain the one-goal lead. In the extra time of the second half, a goal was conceded due to an unseen mistake by the defense. Soon the game ended and everyone fell to the ground. In particular, Daewon Kim lay face down on the stadium for a long time and shed tears. He played harder than anyone else due to a sense of self-blame for not being able to score from a chance in the early half of the first half, but he was very disappointed to lose the victory that was right in front of him.카지노사이트

Gangwon’s earnestness and desperation to survive to the end changed, but the results did not change. Until this day, Gangwon recorded its 15th draw this season. This season, Gangwon, which had a particularly high number of wins that ended in draws, is facing the relegation zone with three games remaining.

Oh, there was one more thing that changed. This is the heart of the fans. Although the game ended in a draw, the fans who visited the stadium gave warm applause to the players who fought for victory until the end.

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