At the club event, ‘fan appearance criticism’ + some fans ad balloon protest, why are KIA’s ‘fan hearts’ angry 

Why are KIA Tigers’ fans increasingly angry at the club’s own events, with some players’ inappropriate words and actions and some fans’ ad balloon protests?

On the 28th, the words and actions of some players at the 2023 Tiger Family Festival club event held at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju became a huge controversy.

The situation was like this. At the end of the event, while giving a ‘high five’, which is an event where the players send off fans by holding hands, some players showed inappropriate language and behavior, such as criticizing the fans’ appearance. This scene was captured on a fan’s camera and published online, inciting outrage from fans.

In response to this, KIA Director Shim Jae-hak immediately posted an apology. On the 30th, General Manager Shim apologized through the club’s official SNS, saying, “I bow my head in apology to the fans who care for and love the KIA Tigers for the wrong words and actions of some players at the Tiger Family Festival event.”

He continued, “We held a high-five event with the players and fans to express our gratitude to the fans who supported us this season, but during this process, some players made comments and actions that were inappropriate for a professional baseball player.” He added, “I deeply reflect on this incident.” “We will put more effort into the ethics education we have continuously implemented for our players and do our best to create a culture that respects fans,” he said. He also added, “I would like to sincerely apologize once again to my fans.”

However, even with Director Shim Jae-hak posting an apology, the spark of controversy has not been extinguished. Even though the player who made inappropriate comments and actions has been identified, there are still frequent opinions that it is regrettable that the club has come up with its own plan rather than a direct apology to the fans.

Also, on the morning of the same day, some KIA fans attempted an ad balloon protest in front of the headquarters of Hyundai-KIA Motors, the parent company of the KIA Tigers, located near Yangjae-dong, Seoul.

The fans protested for reasons such as “demanding the dismissal of KIA coach Kim Jong-guk,” “improving the personnel structure within the club,” and “expressing their opinions toward a club that does not communicate with fans.” However, it is reported that the protest was canceled due to the restraint of police and KIA officials.

Afterwards, a KIA fan who organized the protest said through MHN Sports, “I don’t know why they are responding so quickly to the protests held by fans but ignoring their demands,” and added, “The club should no longer ignore the voices of fans and actively listen to them.” “I hope they will work hard and seek reform,” he criticized.메이저사이트

From unpleasant incidents at club events to ongoing fan protests, fan sentiment toward the KIA club is trending in a negative direction.

What is certain is that there are professional teams because there are fans. If inadequate response continues, fans may completely lose their love for the club. It remains to be seen whether KIA will be able to respond appropriately in the future.

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